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Facebook has launched data mining services to track how you thrash into your timeline, they are collecting email and other information stored on your Facebook, and following how you use these information with advertising products or either you’re clicking on ads. Indeed, privacy is your primary concern over the social media and other services you use online, that is what privacy campaigners aren’t in favor of this. However, you are very fortunate that you can keep it from experiencing these situations.

I have never been myself angry knowing that people get angry each time when Facebook makes a slight change which could easily be noticed. Being part of Facbook community I always assume it to be public when posting some photos, videos or someone’s status so why annoyance? However, sometimes it makes my nerves juggling like viral-likes which are probably a most wondering thing for most of you but on edge of the privacy you won’t like it though. May of us already aware of that Facebook is already tracking your every move online, but it isn’t over after browser cookies have been reached by them but now they are going to pair what you do online and what happens when you get offline.

Birthday App Information Gathering

The subject “Facebook ” is a suspect as it is watching constantly

What hints me in is the article someone has subscribed to on a magazine or a blog which does makes sense that they will definitely want it to be socially public. Some of the articles and blogs publications website where you would have been subscribed, they publish what you don’t have done on your behalf. An individual didn’t press a like button but their system automatically likes it and posts it on your behalf directly to Facebook, so what clues me is intolerable act but you are already made an agreement when joining social Apps like Facebook Birthdays and blogs for you shouldn’t have to.

Facebook Controlling How to Share

To those who are technically naive, unfortunately they are not aware of wherever they visit subject Facebook is ahead of you. Simply for understanding from above hypothesis I have mentioned if an App of blog publishing on your behalf how can you assume they are loyal to you, yes exactly they are as closer to you as your password in your memory. Unfortunately, whenever they find you on some illegal places they surely are reporting to government agencies. Suppose a guy going to find you about a fiction story but in other case he has already been reading about that fiction story as it is already been published on his behalf which he won’t be aware of. Somehow this uncertain situation makes people very funny for their own friends.

According to the Computer World, two privacy watchdogs are now in agreement that Facebook is already pushing the boundaries as what they are going after is not in knowledge of users. Datalogix a partner with Facebook may be under allegations of FTC recent agreement, as a letter been written to Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) by FTC.
"Facebook did not attempt to notify users of its decision to disclose user information to Datalogix," according to the letter.
Datalogix system has data from approx. 70 million households drawn from credit cards and other kind of payment gateways. Facebook on its own end, trying to match user emails to Datalogix software information and collecting how much ads has been clicked. Your data is automatically being used by different advertisements without your permission which is making Facebook and outlaw despite CNET’s Jeff Chester, argues and explains his concern:

I believe the FTC should be investigating all this as part of its review under the consent decree... Ad exchanges allow them to take this data and apply it in real-time and sell it to the highest bidder including Facebook. They are using reams of additional data, including from online, to target Facebook users.

Apart from your personal information, you won’t prefer to be treated your online activity and offline activity synchronized. After all your offline activity is your personal affair. Don’t get too naive, this is achievable with Datalogix data collection to opt-out.

How to Opt-Out from the Datalogix Data Collection

To opt-out of all (including the Facebook evaluation data) Datalogix is collecting, go to their Privacy page, scroll down to the "Choice" heading, click the last "click here" link in the paragraph, and fill out your information. Datalogix will opt you out of collecting data.With all these you can make yourself opt-out of their cookies based tracking.

Keep yourself untracked from Facebook while offline

Secure your online accounts
The most importantly, your contact details are none but a biggest clue to your online privacy for hackers and even Facebook partners. Never compromise on your phone number and email while using them for online purchase or discount vouchers, they shouldn’t be same as on your Facebook account.
And to secure your online data, be sure to follow guide to blocking Facebook cookies which could be helpful to let you aware of third party sites using your data.
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