Windows 8 naives should take on 5 important tips

Microsoft has announced an upgrade offer a week ago, most you probably be taking on to the latest Windows 8. I was going through the updates on newly available windows 8, but prior moving to that tremendously distributed Metro Interface you should have been interacted with its Beta (Consumer Preview). Windows 8 may be renowned for its interface but I would like to broadly say that it has a learning curve for naives. However, one should take on to the current update lest knowing being good at Consumer Preview.

If someone has fallen into Windows 8 charisma, here I have put in plain words important 5 tips by which your experience may get better. Take an eye on them and switch freely to new platform which will give you an airborne feel.

It could take users some time to get acquainted with the new interface
It could take users some time to get acquainted with the new interface

Keyboard shortcuts enhanced in windows 8

Normally, Windows 8 would be able to ease you in its mesmerizing outlook, so whether you have a normal PC there is no trouble that it is flexible enough as Windows 8 and Windows RT. I would flag down to the developers tried to hit the horizon on bull’s eye. They have steepened enough the user experience slightly locked up in their brains. You are fortunate if you have a touch-capable Windows 8 PC, as this new gear of Microsoft brings on touch gestures. Users may feel finer with touch and go; however touch pad of your laptop is also great to be experience with.

Microsoft creeping towards a reign of flexible GUI and user experience, nevertheless they are making it very sizzling for Google Chromium. Mouse users should always remember four corners of the screen or as Microsoft titles them as “Hot Corners”. These hot corners are activated by your mouse hovering towards them which is equivalent to the touch screen gestures.

Are you feeling relic those old Keyboard shortcuts now you would be gaming with Windows 8 differently just you have to bone up on these newly added keyboard shortcuts, as I felt these very interesting and valuable. Some of them are uttered down here:

Windows logo key Brings up the Start menu, start typing to search for an app
Windows logo key + C Opens the Charms bar, which includes the Search, Share, Devices and Settings 
Windows logo key + D Displays or hides the desktop
Windows logo key + E Opens My Computer
Windows logo key + F Open the Charms bar to search for files
Windows logo key + Q Open the Charms bar to search for apps
Windows logo key + R Opens the Run dialog box in the desktop
Windows logo key + Tab Cycles through open apps (Metro-only); use Alt + Tab for desktop programs
Windows logo key + PrintScreen Captures the current screen, saving it to the Pictures folder
Alt + F4 Closes an app

These are some favorite keyboard shortcuts and further you can find out more shortcuts on Microsoft windows website.

Keeping both Windows 8 metro and desktop style together

Windows 8 brought many new ways to windows view but we have a situation here, which is perplexing (schizophrenia stir up). It is the combination of both Metro-Style and Desktop style as there could be two different copies of each Application. Let say about Windows Internet Explorer could be available in two different views. This is obvious that you’ll likely require viewing variant programs which are messily switching. Transitions between two different interfaces are sometimes impossible to prevent from a jerk.

Configure the default programs used to open your files
Configure the default programs used to open your files
Still there is a chance of fun, go to charms bar and search for particular program to set as default program. Here you also can figure out your Apps and desktop programs that which styles do you like to work with you can also associate file types to your selected apps. You can switch your App like media player to Metro-style or conventional desktop.

Start Screen with Metro Styled Administrative Tools

Windows administrative tools are always required to monitor and improve performance and by hook or by crook make things scheduled. Such power users may be hampered by inconvenient access to the applications as in Windows XP or Windows 7. Now they can bring them up to their front screen in Live tiled view.
Its convenient to have these important tools pinned to the Start Screen
Its convenient to have these important tools pinned to the Start Screen
 Again from Charms bar, select Settings and then Tiles. To let administrative tool shown up on Start Screen simply enable the option "show administrative tools”. You can also organize different type Apps in groups here. To do so, just drag an app tile to a vacant spot on the Start Screen. This will detach it and create its individual group – adding more apps to this collection will form a group. You can also name the group by right-clicking on it while zoomed out.

Windows 8 Media Center add-ons and apps for free

Windows 8 media center mainly used by those people connected their PCs to the TV. That’s why Microsoft not opted to bundle this with Upgrade. You may also require DVD codec for playback. This could be compensated by PC vendors by their own Software. For remedy you can also use some third-party DVD media players like VLC.
Windows 8 media center
Windows 8 media center
 Microsoft has a deal until January 2013 to distribute freely this Windows Media Center App. Which may cost $9.99 after this time is over and to get this add-on just you need to give email to Microsoft here, and they will be right back with product key in 24hours after completing their company promises.
After getting product key you just need to search this add-on from add-features and provide this products key. When you enter the key and accept the license terms products will be yours.

On the Go PC Cleanup without reinstalling Windows

Most of the professionals would always like to keep their PC be clean, fresh and snappy for that they normally reinstall Windows frequently. This process brings such a pain as you have to get back-up to external source and then reinstall your applications. Windows 8 does not brings you to old days, as it comes with “Refresh your PC” feature, this feature securely wipes you Apps keeping your files saved.
There are always some instructions available for users to cope with their preferred settings and simply they can follow these instructions will fulfill their lust of brand new Windows smoothly. Just follow this screen below and make things done.
Getting a clean install of Windows 8 is just a few clicks away
Getting a clean install of Windows 8 is just a few clicks away
 Similar to iPads and Smartphones there is a “Reset Your PC” feature has been added which simply factory will reset. Never be rushed in clicking while in General Settings area as this Reset option is just below Refresh option and erroneously could cause a damage to your apps installed and all the hard drive data will be wiped out. However resetting or refreshing does mean a brand new Windows 8 installation without compact disk.

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