Family environment and Its Effect on Children’s

Family environment and Its Effect on Children’s
It’s very important to know how we can treat our children’s. Child's first interaction is with her mother so it’s important to understand the child psychology for mothers for their growth. Because the first school for a child is her mother lap and family environment play very important role for development of a healthy personality and successful person in a society . There are few points for creating a healthy and peaceful environment are as follows;
  • Families consist of parents and siblings so it’s a big responsibility of parents to create a friendly environment.
  • Parents should not discuss their personal issues in front of their child’s.
  • Parents should avoid quarrelling and abusing in front of their child’s.
  • Parents should not fulfill every desire of their children’s because this is the main reason of mostly people for the development of unhealthy personality.
  • Provide safer environment to the children’s.
  • Parents should not develop unhealthy eating habit in their children’s.
  • Parents should respect their elders than automatically their child does respect their elders as well as their parents.
Family environment and Its Effect on Children’s
So much restriction also create unhealthy environment so parents should trust on their children and gave some liberty so that they feel free and sense of relaxation.

To keep check and balance on the activities of their children’s not give so much free hand.
Healthy eating and nutrition also has so much impact for healthy personality.

These are few very common reasons of UN healthy family environment which is responsible for unhealthy attitude and behavior of human beings so if we keep in mind all these reasons and try to followed  these than create a healthy environment and healthy personality.

Due to consistent unhealthy family environment a person not feel relaxation ,headache ,high blood pressure,stress,tension,anxiety are some common psychological diseases which a person feel mostly  .and due to these psychological reasons  a person can not perform their duties well he or she live in the state of frustration.

A society consist of peoples and positive and negative behavior influence on society so much so it’s a big responsibility of families(parents) for the development of healthy attitude and personality of their children’s . If parents are so much emotional and aggressive than their child’s also influence on it. Because when human beings are born than according to John Locke mind is TABULA RASA mean human born with empty mind and seek from environment.

So we can seek any behavior to the human being when they are in child state and behavior they seek during their child state having long lasting impact on their personality .if a mother is so much aggressive and emotional than child influence it and automatically behave as her mother doing in that situation most of the time. As it is explained in singer shaster theory human being behave as they seen in the environment.   Unhealthy practices also play important role for unhealthy personality like smoking, alcohol addiction use of dangerous weapons etc all those things which are illegal.                         

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