Have Some Grand Theft Auto V Wallpapers to Start Your Gaming Journey

Grand Theft Auto 5

We all love a good wallpaper for our favorite games, flicks and tech, right? Rockstar has made it so fans of Grand Theft Auto can get ready for the fifth entry in the main line of the series in style with a few new wallpapers.

Grand Theft Auto V is about to get a brand new trailer. Since the game was announced more than a year ago, we’ve only seen it in motion once. Over the span of its existence, Grand Theft Auto V has only had one trailer. Here comes the second.

One of them, “Vinewood,” sits at the head of this post. You can hop over to Rockstar’s download page now to see it, and a few others, in just about any resolution you can imagine.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Screenplay

When it comes to marketing campaigns, Rockstar is among the best. Between now and the release of Grand Theft Auto V, expect a ton of trailers, screenshots, album info and, yes, wallpapers like these. We won’t be posting everything here on TechnoBuffalo, but we will toss up stuff that makes us smile at the prospect of this coming spring.

Rockstar Games has made good on last week’s promise and released the reveal trailer for the freshly announced Grand Theft Auto V. The excitement for the next entry in this massively successful and hugely popular franchise is, understandably, palpable.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Screenplay

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Screenplay

So, where’s the game taking place? What type of character will players control? What will the central story line be? Stop reading and watch the trailer. (Who am I kidding — you’ve probably already watched the trailer three times before reading this, and scrolled down to see if anyone yelled “first!”)
Fictional Los Angeles looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Screenplay

We assume there’s a lot of open space on the calendar between now and the currently undisclosed release date. We’ll impatiently post any more news, trailers or screenshots that come from Grand Theft Auto V until the game drops. Stay tuned.
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