i dropper Offers Quick Transfer of Data b/w Devices

i dropper
With the passage of time, Gadgets are coming with more high quality and power. Time is shrinking day-by-day. More reliable and speedy gadgets are coming in market. So, same like those I introduce an amazing gadget in this article.

I Dropper

The i dropper is a new type of stylus pen concept that allows a simple and quick data transfer between your laptop, PC, smartphone and PDA’s, it is also one of the best of the best winners at this year’s Red Dot design concepts.

An ingenious idea that takes the characteristics of an eye dropper, which enables the user to ‘suck’ and ‘drop out’ information such as images, text and applications. The stored information is displayed (like liquid) with illuminated icons within the stem (side of the stylus).

i dropper Offers Quick Transfer of Data b/w Devices

However great a concept this is, implementing the i dropper is another story. While it may work for touchscreen devices via an app, it definitely won’t work on home computers or laptops that are not touchscreen.
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