Ways To Smile, You Have Never Been Hurt

Everyone has a dark past in his life that makes him gloomy and don`t allow him to move ahead in his life. They get habitual of living in pains and starts hurting themselves in different ways. Sometimes they adopt any addiction, feeling that one batter for them. Life is granted to man to smile and to make others smile. This is very easy for the sad people to make them smile and happy. The steps you must take to move towards life are.

●Avoid Sad Songs, Movies, People Etc

The first step you must take to avoid sadness. You should avoid listening sad songs. Keep yourself away from watching sad movies. Stay away from sad people and avoid hearing their sad stories.

● Forget, Forgive and Move

If any other person hurt you. Try not to bother. Need not to remind what happened. Try to forgive and then forget. After this all make steps to move ahead to your life and so on.

●Stop Being Disappointed

 Might possible it would not be successful for you to do anything in first chance. Don`t bother it at all. Keep on trying and trying but need not to be disappointed.

●Set Goals for Yourself

Set new goals for yourself and make them as your aim to achieve. Will a lot to make your goals possible. If will give you strength. Keep on checking your progress and don`t let it down.

●Learn New Things

Start learning new things whether you are interested or not, If you are not then try to develop your interest. Make learning those things as your hobby. And make yourself busy in those hobbies. Try to have fun with your hobbies.

●Buy yourself Things

Try to buy yourself goods that you ever wanted to buy to others. Buy yourself flowers. Capture the happy moments you enjoyed full of life

●Get together With friends And Family

Get gathered in people. Spend your time with your friends and family with complete presence. Focus to the workings of them in the family. Try to up-to-dated with your friends and family. Attend functions and devote your time to them.


Practice things you already know. Try to improve your skills. You can also bother in studying new things like “Technology”. Make yourself creative and try making new things.


Make a list of the previous aims that you have not still achieved.  Set them as new goals whether you find it difficult. Keep on struggling and don`t lose your confidence.

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