Epiphany One Puck Lets You To Charge Your Smartphone

Epiphany One Puck Lets You To Charge Your Smartphone
Smartphone is one of the basic needs of the current era and are being used by everyone. People are using these Smartphone to stay in contact and for many purposes. Engineers, geeks and employees are using them in different ways. They are also getting dependent to their Smartphone after the passage of time. As the matter of using a lot of cell phones the problem of low battery is also rising and can make a person tidy to charge the Smartphone time by time. That is why technicians have invented a new form of charger that lets you to get some refreshment too. And has the ability to charge your I-Phone, Android-Phone, and I-Pad.


Epiphany One Puck Lets You To Charge Your Smartphone
This concept is made for keeping your gadgets alive. This concept is basically dependent on your cup of coffee whether it is hot or cold. The Puck has basically two sides. Red one for the hot drinks and blue on is for the cold drinks. If the user has a hot drink like coffee and tea, the user should use red side and if the user has a cold drink he would go for the blue side of the Puck to charge his Smartphone.


When the user puts his cup of coffee on the gadget, the gadget changes the hotness and coldness of the coffee into energy to charge your Smartphone. If the coffee is too hot in the beginning then the Puck will provide a high charge to your Smartphone In starting but will start decreasing the energy as the coffee will start to lose its temperature.
Engineers are working more on this concept to store the whole energy in the starting to charge a Smartphone.
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