Flying Delivery Tray Brings Burgers To The Customers

Flying Delivery Tray Brings Burgers To The Customers
Yo! Sushi is Japanese restaurant, which is giving a great experience of meal to the people over there. They are establishing a worthy experience of the Sci-Fi Movies for their customers. They are serving their customers with the help of a flying iTray that is operated by the I-Pad by the staff.
 This iTray concept is given to the highlight restaurants and has been newly introduced, which is based on the light weight drone technique to contain light weight meals for the customers. This drone can fly 25 mph to the range of 50 meters. This tray has two cameras in it, so that the kitchen staff can make easy and safe delivery of food to the customer.
This gadget does not have any covering support on it thus it is possible to fell down cause of any mishap.  
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