Sole-Power Insole Charger Helps You to Charge Phone While Walking

Sole-Power Insole Charger Helps You To Charge Phone While Walking
Technology has lead man to the life of saving time and to be luxurious. Everything is now a day is dependent on the battery system including the smart-phones. It was not possible for the user to charge his smart-phone, when its battery is low or any other battery, without waiting to charge it and without interrupting your other works but now it has become possible because of the invention of Sole-Power Shoes that contains an insole charger to charge your Smart-Phone.
 This sole power prototype is designed on the basis of sinking energy electrons of the man while walking. This Power-Sole fits into your shoes and its wires snakes through the laces of the shoes. These charging wires are pluggable into the battery, which can be settled around your ankles or can be clipped on the shoes.
Power of your taken step is changed into the electrical waves when you walk and stored into the battery even into the portable ones. These batteries can be of the Cell-Phones, Radios and GPS units or of any other type. This sole is estimated to charge an I-Phone fully on the 2.5 miles of the walking.

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