Ads, That Are Transmitted Directly Into Human Skull

Ads, That Are Transmitted Directly Into Human Skull
Technology has made advertisings very easy now, apart from the issues of banners and billboards other types. A new concept of advertising has been presented that bring the ads directly into your skull. This system is installed in the public trains and other public places of Germany, people wondered when they rested their heads on the window of the train and heard the advertisings that no one else can hear.
They were not dreaming, the transmitter on the train in Munich and North Rhine-Westphalia transmit a high frequency of vibrations to the Wind-Pane, which is possible for a human to hear it by his bone conduction.

This ad movement was launched by the organization BBDO in Dusseldorf, Germany, with sample on the bases of broadcasting company Sky Deutschland, in the passed January. The ad that plays to humans inner ear is the Sky`s new Mobile Application.      
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