10 Weird Shoes

Style is the best gauge for judging one’s personality but sometimes fashion takes us on the verge of weirdness. Just scroll down to witness the odd styles of footwear. You would be surprised if you see someone wearing any one of these pairs. Well, these are shoes I would never wear, don’t even you.

1. Caged flower sandals

This Wedge shaped cage shoes, decorated with flowers looks more like the sparrow house than footwear. This metallic art work is from Dolce & Gabbana's summer collection.

2. Reverse heel

I bet you can never walk even 2 meters if you ever try these shoes. It seems this footwear is just for style.

3. Crocodile shoes

Check out this creepy design of shoes. I am sure you will not like it if someone gifts you this pair of footwear.

4. Dinosaur heel shoes

Transform your feet into two ferocious looking ancient killers by wearing the dinosaur heel shoes. This pair of footwear doesn’t look good but it seems to give powerful support while walking.

5. Gun hoof shoes

Gun hoof shoes by Iris Schieferstein, an artist, sculptor and a fashion taxidermist, (as expected after looking it), are suitably named for having the body of a goat hoof and a gun as a heel.

6. Insect locked shoes

What if the sloe shatters in a gathering? just imagine...That’s the reason I will never wear these shoes. What about you?

7. Reflecting shoes

These shoes reflect whatever surface you walk on. They are covered by mirror plate which is almost undetectable.

8. Chicken feet shoes

Females can have feet like chickens now. Have a look at this weird pair of shoes, you will admit it undoubtedly.

9. Ladder heel shoes

High heels collection by Kobi Levi is designed with the heel that looks like a ladder.

10. Skull heel shoes

Designed by the Filipino fashion and shoe designer Kermit Tesoro, these skull heel shoes are not only weird to wear but are also very scaring.
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