Black Tomatoes!?

Black Tomatoes!?
Have you ever seen black tomatoes? A very few have seen them because they are now grown in Britain for the very first time and it is also possible that they could have the stamina to prevent Cancer. This vegetable is the very first in the world that is being grown and contains Anthocyanins (Anthocyanins are water-soluble vacuolar pigments that may appear red, purple, or blue depending on the PHS)
These tomatoes are being grown by the Ray Brown from the Pant World in Newton Abbot, Devon, are the only of their kind in the country.
According to the Mr. Brown, he was totally stunned, when he received these Black Tomatoes ‘seeds from a customer in the last winter, and it was completely unbelievable for him and after that he owed those seeds in the Spring and now they are in the process of growing. As the matter of observation in the growing process they also seen the orange and brown tomatoes and after that they become ripened to the purple shiny color and then finally in the jet black color. These Black tomatoes are compound of vegetables and beverages.
Mr. Brown has total three plants and each has 20 Black Tomatoes, black from the outer side and red from the inner side, no one believed Mr. Brown they considered this all as a joke not being conscious of what they actually have got.
Black Tomatoes!?
The procedure of producing Tomato is also different because they are not produced by using the Genetic Engineering Technique, whereas in most of other cases of Production these techniques are being commonly used. It is entirely done by the selection techniques.
These tomatoes are arousing the interest of scientists now days because these tomatoes have strong health boosting affects and these affects are discovered in the American Lab Tests.
Mr. Brown has no plan yet to introduce these Black tomatoes in the Market for sale.
The taste of these tomatoes is good as they are tasted by many. In other words these tomatoes have strong tomato taste.
An Antioxidant believes that this can these Black Tomatoes can help in fighting with Cancer, Diabetes and Obesity. The Black Color of the tomatoes form Pigments on their Black skin which can be visible when they are in the sunlight.
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