What Li-Fi Is! & Wi-Fi Was?

What Li-Fi Is! & Wi-Fi Was?
Wi-Fi is the name of passing internet technology, which is based on the wireless radio waves for providing a high Internet and Network Speed. The word Wi-Fi is the short of “Wireless Fidelity”. This tech has ruled a long period in the world of internet as it was a great revolution in the field of Technology.
A single revolution can never remain for more time. Everything goes on revolutionize one after the other; as considering the example of televisions, those were replaced by LCDs and now the LCDs are replaced by the LEDs just because of the technique and Technology change in them and the image quality and sharpness can also be a reason for this revolution that people preferred to have more sharpened image quality and ay some places these technologies are also replaced just because of being in fashion and trends.
What Li-Fi Is! & Wi-Fi Was?
The insurgency in the Wi-Fi Tech is going to be changed by Li-Fi. In 2011, Prof Haas established that how an LED bulb can be equipped with the signal based technology that can provide a vast capacity for the high-definition (HD) videos on a computer without interruption or with complete support. And now the Chinese has produced a micro chipped bulb that has the ability to produce up to 150 MBs per second with the connectivity to four computers, which will allow passing a huge amount of binary data over the consistent internet connection from one source to the other source. The both technologies are based on the electromagnetic fields but the Wi-Fi Works on the Radio Waves and the Li-Fi technology work with light. It can start working on the On of the Bulb immediately and can stop working on the Off of the Bulb Quickly.
What Li-Fi Is! & Wi-Fi Was?
The range of the working of the Li-Fi is 10,000 times faster than the Radio Frequency Waves and the company has tried to ensure the users of its cheap availability to them and will make it more efficient then the other signal based communication sources.
The word Li-Fi is the complete word of “Light Fidelity” and this tech is also known as Visual Light Communication (VLC). The great advantage of this tech is this that this provides a consistent internet service whereas if you are using Wi-Fi you will come across to know that the signals will weakened even if you are using routers for your Wi-Fi connection.

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