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Recover Data With The Help Of Muddlex
The thing a most important for any one is his data which is more worthy then anything else and infect some times it is more import then money for and apart from these issues sometimes this data is the source of money for any one. In the technological era it is a great issue that if you lost your hard disk or any other memory peripheral you will also loose your worthy data.
If anyone looses his data and has no backup for this then he has only two options one is to recover the data with a little loss or without loss and the other one is to loose the data completely and to stay sorrowing on the loss.
Here Muddlex is going to share the process to Recovering Data from different memory chips for the sake of data. For this firstly try to recognize the issue into your hard disk or in any other memory chip.
Is your gadget not supporting the memory chip or the hard disk?
Is it not opening the drive you want to reach?
Recover Data With The Help Of Muddlex
Is it showing the error “your Disk Need to Format” or “your Disk is not formatted”?
In this issue if you will go to the properties of the drive, you will see that the gadget is not showing even a single byte in use although you know this in batter way that how much and how important Data it contains that needs recovery or any other way to save it without any loss.
Just follow the following steps.
Press Right click to the meant drive and go to the properties and select the “Enable Compression” option and start to the compression of the disk and don`t select the ”Quick Format” Option.
After the process of compression just install a good Data Recovery Software and select the compressed drive you have compressed which is affected by bad sector. And now start recovering your Data. The software will help you out to recover all type of material in your drive that can be Sounds, Software, Pictures, PDFs, Movies, and all that you had in it before having the Bad Sector. Apart from the matter of Recovering Data, you have to Sort all the data you have recovered from the Drive.
Muddlex will soon link to a Recovery Software. And if you have any experience like this? Please share that with us in the comment portion.
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