Future Car 2014

Future Car 2014
The upcoming cars of the future are about to make crazy people about every feature they have in them. The new cars will be consistent of the strongest material and the glass (mirror), and will be the representative of the future cars.
This car is very different in its design, shining, latest and modern filled with surprises. In this car there is no engine, there is no driver, no limitation of the speed and no steering wheel.
The shape of this car is also very different and unique as compared to the common cars being used today. And the technology of this car is unpredictable than the other cars.
The distance covering aspect of this car will be efficient as compared to the other cars just because this car has no steering wheel and engine.
Apart of all the prominent features, one more characteristics add up to its intensity, that it is petroleum free car, which makes it really unique as comparatively to the other cars.
According to the designers working on this project this car will be of lighter in weight and low resistance mobility and will be efficient.
The great Big Bang technology of the car will be differently decorated look wise and will be shinier.
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