13 Odd Habits we All have

No matter, from where do we belong, what are our cultures, norms and values, we all posses some odd habits which are common in us. Although we know these are weird, we are unable to change these habits because OLD Habits Rarely Die even if we want to get rid of them.
Here are some habits common to all of us which sometimes make us laugh. 

1. Remembering something funny from like two years ago and then laughing hysterically. Then, when you’re trying to make yourself stop laughing, you just end up laughing more.

2. Skipping the bottom two stairs.

3. Patting down your pocket to check for your wallet and keys even if you literally just put them in.

4. Unconsciously thinking that the 90s was 10 years ago.

5. Immediately going back and reading an email right after you hit send.

6. Spelling out Wednesday like Wed-nes-day in your head when you're writing it. Same story with Feb-ru-ary, every time!

7. Rehearsing arguments again and again in your head, just in case it should ever come up.

8. Stopping the microwave when it still has one second to go so you can pretend you're defusing a bomb.

9. Wiping your mobile phone screen to make all the smudge marks go in the same direction.

10. Looking at a Q-tip after pulling it out of your ear to proudly judge how much wax you swabbed out.

11. Saving plastic bags out of principal, even though you'll never use them again.

12. Checking the fridge periodically, even though no new snacks will have materialized in the two minutes since you last checked.

13. Touching the plate even when the waiter says it's extremely hot, because you have trust issues and have to see for yourself.

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