10 Cool Holiday Gift Ideas for your Dog

When shopping for your loving ones don’t forget to shop for your pet dogs — after all, they cares you a lot.

So if you are thinking of the gifts you could give to your pet friends, here is a list for you. Take a gift and make him happy and more loyal to you.

1. Doggie Cigars

Price: $10 each

Your dog will look so dapper with this 100% legal chew toy.

2. Artemis Pet Sofa

Price: $97.99

Don’t worry, it only looks like leather. This tufted sofa bed provides all the luxury without harming any animals.

3. Barkbox subscription

Price: Varies

Nothing is greater than receiving a package. Your dog will be surprised with a new set of toys and treats every month. You can also buy toys a la carte from the company’s new web store.

And, if you also have a cat, they can sit in a new box each month.

4. Custom Print

Price: $35.67

A gift that owners can enjoy too — just don’t let your pet drool on it.

5. Custom Stuffed Animal

Price: $175.00

Commemorate your favorite fluffy friend with a custom stuffed animal version of them.

6. Dog Water Fountain

Price: $156.29

Your dog will never be parched again. He’ll be especially grateful in the summer when it doubles as a sprinkler to play in.

7. Pez Dog Treat Dispenser

Price: $29.99

Perfect for the dog that’s into collecting and/or any dog that likes getting treats.

8. Dog Peek

Price: $35

Dogs are curious creatures. They want to see what’s going on in the world. Give them their own point of view with this special window for the fence.

9. Bake-A-Bone Dog Treat Maker

Price: $22.99

For the dog that insists on assisting you any time you’re in the kitchen, give him a treat that you can actually rest-assured is good for him instead of pieces of last night’s leftovers.

10. iFetch

Price: $149.99

If your arms are sore from all the ball tossing, this handy gadget will do all the work for you. The balls can launch as far as 30 feet.
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