How to Glow Your Creativity

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Creativity has really helped humans in evolution. From the age of stones to the current day, the advancement in every walk of life is the result of innovative imaginations. There is no harm in evolving the world even more. So let’s explore the ways to glow your creativity to add more and more to the development of world.

Spend some time doing nothing

Give some gap to your mind. Every time lots of input can be somnolent for mind. Give your brain rest by doing nothing. Even waiting in a row to get movie tickets or market checkout can be productive and can result in a creative idea.

Get close to nature sometimes

Getting outside and being with nature can flame your creativity. Being with nature doesn’t always mean to climb a tree or walking in a forest. A walk of few minutes in a local park or in a hiking place can boost creative thinking skills. A study in 2012 reveled that the hikers, after spending some hours in the woods, achieved almost 50% better results in creative problem solving.

Glance through to twist something

Almost every developed idea has something which can be considered to have a new one, like drones are being adapted to carry medicines. An idea does not has everything altogether when it is initially demonstrated. Every idea can be used in the ways other than what exists.

Make time to play

It is commonly thought that playing and having fun is just the wastage of time. Essentially delightful recreational moments do not spoil our growth but help us in growing. A writer Steven Johnson says that "many revolutionary ideas begin with this sense of pleasure, wonder or enjoyment." From robots to artificial intelligence, many important inventions began basically as toys.

Don’t ignore small things

Apparently minor and unimportant things expose many important mysteries and simultaneously having clues about those secrets. Bubbles are very common example of the things we think small but the power of bubbles is totally different than what we think. Bubbles can cover-up sound, transport carbon dioxide in the ocean and make bread delicious.

BUT keep in mind that creativity is of no worth without determination.
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