10 Good Paid Jobs that do Not Require a Graduation Degree

Doing job for survival is the most fundamental and decisive issue of all of us. It becomes more serious when someone has no graduation degree. Having the college degree, is the best way to get a good paid job but if someone had no time or money for college dues, yet they can have highly paid jobs. Read the article for 10 good paid jobs that do not require graduation degree.

1. Air-traffic controllers

Job Description: This is a service in which ATCs have to provide the information to pilots to direct aircrafts. They also monitor the movement of aircraft in the air. They also advise and control all ground traffic including bagging and workers. 
The annual wage can be $122,950.

2. Janitorial managers

Job Description: They supervise work activities of janitorial personnel in commercial and industrial organizations. They assign duties, inspect work, and investigate complaints concerning janitorial services and take corrective action. They may also train new employees and recommend dismissals. This post requires highly professional skills and teamwork. 
Janitorial manager may earn $93,500 per year.

3. Detectives and criminal investigators

Job Description: They investigate crimes, collect and secure evidence from crime scenes, conduct interviews with suspects and witnesses, observe the activities of suspects and write a detailed report on the subject of the data collected. This job requires highly detective and observing abilities, as the title of the job says. 
Their annual wage can be $74,300 or more.

4. Commercial pilots

Job Description: An airline pilot has to safely fly an airliner. They may also require certain computer skills and should know how to read the monitoring system. 
They may earn $73,280 per year.

5. Gaming managers

Job Description: They plan, direct and coordinate gaming operations in the club and keep walking among tables to ensure the services are provided properly. 
A gaming manger may earn up to $65,220 annually.

6. Transportation inspectors

Job Description: Transportation inspectors confirm the means of transportation, like airplanes, trains and vehicles to carry goods or passengers. They keep every transport mode available and in working condition. They ensure that the all the equipment is safe to ride. 
Their annual income can be $63,680.

7. Claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators

Job Description: They evaluate and assess the settled claims of the company. They verify that the payments and agreements are made according to the company policies. This job requires critical thinking. 
They can make $59,960 per annum.

8. Court Reporter

Job Description: The task of a court reporter is to is to write down the spoken or recorded speech in the court using shorthand, machine shorthand or voice writing equipment. This job requires good shorthand writing speed. 
A court reporter can make up to $50,000 or more per year.

9. Insurance Sales Agent

Job Description: They offer their clients complete financial planning service like retirement planning, estate planning, and help in setting up pension plans for businesses. They may have to refer clients to independent brokers. 
These services may help in earning $48,200 per year.

10. Personal Care Taker

Job Description: Caretakers work in the home and help their clients in bathing, feeding, grooming and taking medication. They work as the companion of the client. This job requires dedicated and caring nature. 
The yearly income of a caretaker can be $20,980 or more.
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