10 Mind Blowing Optical Illusions

In our daily life, we came across many illusions, either in form of thoughts or images. What we think and desire, we see in the images and what we see, we start imagination.
What is an optical illusion? Images of different colors, patterns, lights, and shapes are drawn in such a way that they seem different as they actually are. This is majorly because of the optical mechanism of our eyes. Sometime our experiences, thoughts and desires play a role in optical illusions and we start looking the things in different perspective. Optical illusions totally confuse our brain but they are still cool.

Scroll down if you want to confuse your brain by optical illusions and think what actually the images show.

1. Pillars or the men

This image with black colored pillar and the white colored men is a perfect optical illusion. What do you see in the image? Pillars or two men facing towards each other? It depends upon you, what meaning your eyes drive from the image.

2. Elephant

Intensely observe the image and tell how many legs the elephant has? Got confused? Yes, it puzzles everyone. Because the more you see the image, the more you get confused. But actually the elephant is missing a leg.

3. Where the geese are standing?

In this mystifying image, locate the position of each bird. Couldn’t guess? The geese are less puzzling when viewed from the front.

4. Grayish dot

Do you see a gray dot between the black boxes? Yes, the same I do. Bur actually there is no gray dot in this image anywhere. This is called visual vibration and caused by the illusion when our eyes see the pattern of black and white in an image.

5. Rotating squares

Look at the image with squares. The squares will look rotating when the eyes are moved on the image and will stop rotating when the sight is static. This is a good optical illusion.

6. Shelves

How many shelves are there in this image? 3 or 4? The right side of the image shows 3 shelves while the left side of the same image shows 4 shelves. Quite confusing.

7. Draining sink or eye?

One of the unique optical illusions, and absolutely natural image taken from the kitchen. Actually this image shows the draining sink but at first sight it looks like an eye wrapped in foam.

8. Rabbit or a duck

Guess what this is. Looking from the right, it is the sketch of a rabbit but from the left, it is a duck. Is this the beak of the duck or the ears of the rabbit? Your perception will confirm this.

9. Old woman or girl

This image gives a picture of a girl and an old lady. Your vision makes your mind up to see a girl or the old lady. But notice, both are wearing the same cap.

10. Moving circles

This is not moving image but a static one. Your optical illusion makes it giving the impression of a moving one. As a whole, the image looks revolving but looks at just one circle, it will look static.
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