8 Tips to Keep Ants away from Sweet Jars

“Where there is sweet, there are ants” because ants are the most abundant insects in any place especially in the kitchen “around the sweets and sugar”, trying to take more and more with them. And the most annoying moment is that when you find your breakfast cereal alive, with a mob of ants. Many of us have tried our best to keep these pesky ants away from sweets but in vain. Here are some tips to keep ants away from sweets jars using very common items likely to have in our homes already. So, never surrender against these tiny insects.

1. Lemon peels and juice

Ants dislike the odor of lemon, so put some lemon peels in the sugar to keep them away. You can also spray lemon juice on the paths ants are entering.

2. Cucumber peels

Put some cucumber peels in the sweet and sugar jar after drying to keep ants away. Ants don’t want to go anywhere near them.

3. Bay leaves

Bay leaves are very commonly found in the kitchen spices. Ants dislike the odor of bay leaves, so keep some bay leaves in sweet jars to keep them away.

4. Cinnamon

Another from the family of spices, the cinnamon is a good repellent for ants. You can also sprinkle Cinnamon powder around the sweet and sugar jars to keep ants away.

5. Chalk

No matter how pesky the ants are, but I must admire ants for honoring the white lines even drawn around their favorite most food, the sweets. Draw a circle by chalk around the sugar jars. Ants will keep away.

6. Cloves

Cloves have the smell ants don’t like. Put 2 or 3 cloves in your sweet or sugar jar. It will surely work.

7. Coffee ground

Sprinkle the used coffee ground around the sweet jars and on the entryways of ants will keep them away from getting in the sugar jars.

8. Dish soap

Draw a thin line of dish washing soap around the sweet jars or spray the mixture of dish soap and water around the jars, ants will not dare to get in the sweets.

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