What does Your Handwriting Expose about Your Personality

Your handwriting is not just the way you write. It speaks about your individuality. Almost since the time of Aristotle, handwriting analysis has been there. At present this analysis, also called graphology, is being used to expose certain personality traits of a person and even can help in criminal investigations, detecting lies and possible health disorders. It approaches the person behind the pen and can describe around 5000 diverse personality traits. Read the article to learn what your handwriting says about you.

If you write,

small letters: you are careful, bookish determined and shy but intelligent.

large letters: you are confident and flexible.

in wide spacing: you don’t like to be intrusive or overwhelmed.

in narrow spacing: you don’t like to be alone and incline to be intrusive.

with heavy pressure: you are committed and take things seriously.

with light pressure: you are compassionate and sensitive but need liveliness.

with left page margin: you live more in past.

with right page margin: you always fret about future.

with no slanting: you have sound and realistic approach towards life.

with left slanting: you like to work behind the scene. You are revolting if you are right handed but your writing slants to left.

with right slanting: you are open and like to meet new people.

in letters that don’t touch: you are spontaneous, creative, and very intelligent.

in some letters connecting: you are logical and consider things carefully.

with all letters making contact: you are very vigilant.

speedily: you are intolerant and don’t like wasting time.

slowly: you are disciplined and well organized.
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