How to save kitchen space

Kitchen is the most important place in our homes. The tidy, well organized kitchen corresponds to an organized person. At times, we feel that our kitchen in tiny. We don’t have enough space for preparing dinner especially when we have invited our friends and if we make it somehow; we don’t feel good while washing dishes in tiny kitchen. We think again and again that we should have rendered more space to it while our kitchen has enough area. Then what is the reason we think it is tiny? In fact, your kitchen not tiny but it is not well organized. Here are some tips to make your kitchen appealing and more practical by saving space.

1. Get the Kitchen Floor Uninterrupted
Getting as many things off the floor as you can, makes to feel the kitchen is larger.  Making things disappear helps the eyes read the space is larger giving a spacious vibe. Develop a habit of keep things in cabinets and shelves rather than on floor.

2. Use the Space on the Walls
Sometimes the cabinets and shelves do not feel sufficient to keep pans and utensils. What I experience is that utensils take lots of space when piles up in cabinets. The best way to store utensils and pans is to hang on the walls. But don’t mess the wall. Rather put up the hooks in a classy way (you may make wavy effect by hanging utensils of same size). You can also install a magnetic knife rack

3. Slimmer Lower Cabinets
Lower cabinets are the must part of every kitchen and we all prefer broad lower cabinets. This is a way to devastate kitchen space. Using slimmer lower cabinets save s plenty of the space making it open a bit.  

4. Install Single Bowl Sink
Putting in a single bowl sink saves lots of space in the kitchen. Installing double bowl sink makes easy to put dishes in but makes your kitchen feeling contracted.  

5. Choose a Compact Dishwasher
A compact dishwasher is another good option for saving kitchen space. A compact dishwasher also uses less electricity and water than a full size corresponding dishwasher.

6. Use Smart Kitchen Appliances
Another way to save space in your kitchen is to use smart appliances for cooking, frying and extracting purposes. The technology is making things smarter not only in the sense of speed and power but also in area. Some years back, the juice extractors used to take as much space as for two extractors of these days. We used to have pans of different sizes for frying different foods, but now the stunning air fryers are used instead. Saving lots of space in your kitchen by using these smart appliances like the best air fryers for frying everything you want. 

7. Use Folding Dining Tables
Exploit folding dining tables and hiding them after using is a good way to make space in kitchen.  A thin dining table can be folded down to perch between a wall of cabinets and a separate bar. If you don’t have folding dining table then no there is setback. Hide the chairs and stools under your plain dining table. Bar stools are better than chairs for a tiny kitchen. 

8. Put up the Shelves above the Sink
Erecting shelves above the sink save lots of space and it is easier to put dishes in these shelves after washing. If you do not prefer it, make a smart dish rack and install small hooks under it to hang cups. It is very handy and convenient. 

9. Cabinets Reaching Ceiling
Kitchen cabinets can reach the ceiling. It does not give a messy look but saves lots of space. You can keep the items in these high cabinets you use rarely. A few open shelves can also be added on a wall to keep most of the daily use cutlery, storage jars and bins and cookbooks. It adds a spacious look in the kitchen. 

10. Use Cabinet Uppers
Be clever and don’t waste any space at all that could be used for storage. Use can use the space on top of the cabinets for this purpose.

11. Use the Corners
The corner is the place which is most of the time free and gets wasted. Fix some support in the corners to keep pans you use the most. It doesn’t give a messy look and makes the items easily accessible. 

12. Keep Only the Things You Like
Reduce the items and get rid of the items you don’t like or use. This is the most important tip of all. Keep lots of cutlery you don’t use at all gives disordered look to your kitchen and makes it look untidy and narrow. 

13. Use Integrated Refrigerator and Microwave
Another tip to save your kitchen space is to install integrated refrigerator and microwave which fit totally inside the standard cabinet. Only the doors extend beyond. It really gives a spacious look to your kitchen. 

Beyond all these space saving tips for your kitchen, there are some aesthetics that can make your kitchen look broader like matching the furniture and the walls, using better lights and ornamenting your kitchen with few fresh flowers. 

When kitchen is seasoned with careful and smart ways, it makes you confident to throw a proper cocktail party.
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