10 Workers Doing Their Jobs Wrongfully

Some workers do not bear in mind the safety while doing given task and some are very adventurous and heroic. There have been meeting always unexpected things, and events, accidents, incidents at work and this is all because of the negligence, haste and foolishness. Occupational accidents are trauma bound events that can affect the co-workers, boss and a lot more things.

Here are 10 images of the worker doing their job wrongfully, without caring about the workplace safety.

1. Does any one has this much spirit? This heavy earth-moving machine is my friend.

2. He is not only his partner; but also his support, what a level of confidence…

3. Let your friend help you paint your house ... Priceless.

4. This dude barely knows about electrical conductivity.

5. Must appreciate the confidence the guy has in his friend.

6. "Don’t worry, I have done this many times."

7. He is an acrobat.

8. Danger....! Who Cares?

9. Great set up Mate, but it may slide off the stairs any minute.

9. Wearing safety glasses is more important than caring about burning to a crisp.

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