Moving from Point A to Point B

Sit on your couch and think what if you were living in stone time and you had to go to meet your friend. What was the way to move from your place to your friend’s? Probably you had only one approach to go there, “to use your legs or arms”. You had to run in the bushes or jump on the trees like a monkey to reach your destination. How weird it had been to move years back. Thanks to the knowledge and intelligence of humans to invent lots of means to move from one place to the other.

At present there are many ways to move from any point A to point B, many of which are fun also. Read here some of them and experience as much as you can. Some of them may leave you speechless but will give lots of happenings and will turn you in a story teller (Believe me…!).

1. Running

The simplest way to move is to run. Running, either it is track running, road running, cross-country running or mountain running, it is the best and well known way to move from one point to the other. It is just putting one foot in front of the other and repeating the process…(as quickly as possible), and you move from here to there.

2. Swimming

Another way to move from point A to point B, swimming, cools you down. This motion through the water also makes you get toned and builds muscles.

3. Flyboarding or Hoverboarding

Dare to move with the help of hover board. Just stick to it and move around where you want even if you don’t have tried it before. Just choose the best hover board and a friend who can help you and you can move as you please.

4. Kayaking and Canoeing

Sitting on top of shallow concave deck, in cockpit style deck or in the spray skirt deck, Kayaking and Canoeing is another adventurous way to move enjoying the mighty waves of water.

5. Horse Riding

Riding horses is a fun way to move, but only if you know it. Spending some time in saddle is the best feeling at least for me. Just ride the horse in the direction it is going, and move on fearlessly.

6. Skating

Skating involves any sports or recreational activity which consists of traveling on surfaces or on ice using skates. Either it is roller skating, Ice, figure or tour skating, it is a cool way to move.

7. Paragliding

Another adventurous way fly rather move from one point to the other is paragliding. It is a recreation to suspend below a fabric wing and flutter a lightweight, free flying, glider aircraft.

8. Surfing

Standing on a strong deck of surfboard and riding on the forward or deep face of a running lusty barbarian wave. This exciting activity is more than just moving.

9. Cycling

Introduced in the 19th century, bicycles get you moving with sustained physical exercise. Just balance your bicycle and enjoy the less financial cost ride. There are over than one billion bicycles worldwide now.

10. Land Vehicles

The most common way to move at the present time is by motor vehicle including cars, trucks, buses etc. You just drive force against the ground and this self balancing motor vehicle will move to your desired place.

11. Watercraft

The watercrafts, either they float (boats) or move on engine (hovercraft and submarines), are the skillful ways with propulsive capability of moving cargo or passengers.

12. Aircraft

Aircrafts include airplanes, helicopters, airships and hot air balloons which are able to fly by gaining support from the air. This is probably the fastest way to move from one place to the other.

Starting form foot to the aircrafts, all of the means of moving from any place to the other are just wonderful. Nature has given every living being the ability to move and also equipped humans with the ability to design incredible means of moving from one place to the other, many of which are also entertaining and exciting like the hoverboarding, paragliding and skating.

Moving makes you feel alive. If you were meant to stay in one place, you would have roots instead of feet.

So, move….move by means of whatever you like….move, to any place you want.
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