10 Things to Avoid while Decorating Your Home

It’s commonly said that Your home is a mirror, it should reflect who you are but sometimes furnishing your home according to your own personality can result in a chaotic look. Although there is no hard and fast rule one should follow while decorating one’s home but there are always some mistakes that can give your decoration a messy look. Here are some points which you should avoid when you decorate your home to make your home more stylish and exclusive.

1. Deciding the paint color

Painting the walls is the most important step in decoration of your home. Choosing a committed color scheme can give a boring look to the walls. Choose a paint color according to the fabric accessories like rugs, pillows and furniture. This can also make easy for you to pick the color and will give a lively look to the walls.

2. Choosing too small rugs

Simple floors without tossing rugs sometimes don’t look good but a small rug in the center of the room makes the looks weaker. Either avoid the rugs if the floor is not that simple or if you choose to go with the rugs, then select a larger one. It may seem expensive but at least select the length so that the front legs of your furniture can fit on to the rug. (The rug should touch all the furniture).

3. Don’t mess the entryway

Entryway makes people to judge the taste of your home decoration and your aptitude. It settles on yours personality at first glance, so be careful in entryway decoration. Choose a light theme for entryway. You can use furniture, plants, fabric, texture and pattern but avoid making it too messy.

4. Don’t make everything too bold

Decorating an area with everything too bold makes it look heavier. If you have some heavy items like curtains or furniture, then use light rugs, wall hangings and fabrics to make the flavor sing. Everything too bold doesn’t catch the eyes. To make your home captivating, keep the entire palette into the mind rather than only the face of that area.

5. Avoid hanging too many small frames

Choosing larger artwork or display rather than hanging too many small frames is wiser and more practical. Hanging a clutter of small frames sometimes gives a messy look to your space.

6. Avoid too much furniture

Furniture makes the looks elegant but placing too much furniture on a space gives an irritating look. Although it’s hard to resist the urge of buying all the furniture when you are in a showroom but select only those pieces which make your space more regular and fresh.

7. Use fresh flowers

Fake flowers are dust catchy and look dull after some days. Use fresh flowers or fruits instead of fake ones. It will look more natural, colorful and appealing.

8. Limit the amount of mirrors

Mirrors are vital items in home decoration and living but avoid hanging too many mirrors. Adding too many mirrors creates imbalance and result in dull look.

9. Be proportionate

Don’t invest your time, money and energy on rushing each and every corner of your home with stuff. Keep in mind the size and space of your rooms while furnishing. A good approach is to give a empty look.

10. Don’t go for matching

Different texture, pattern and color give more spacious and deep look to your home. Everything doesn’t look good in matching. You can use two colors, one with a pattern and one that’s solid.
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