New Year Gift Ideas

New Year Gift Ideas

With the start of new year, we have lots of resolutions, plans and bucket-list-boxes to be marked. We also try to let go all the unhappy moments and hope for the best to follow into the coming year. But with all the new preparation there is nothing better than thinking on the idea to start the New Year with spreading pleasure by gifting our loved ones and friends.

I call it “The Gifting Pamper”

But the difficulty to choose The Happy New Year Gift for a friend confuses the most. Don’t worry, here are few unique and wonderful gifting ideas to start off 2018 in style.

1. The New Year Mug

The New Year Mug

The Sip of Love, this New Year themed coffee mug is unique way to make feel your friend special. It is an ideal way to remind your friend every time he/she sips coffee from it.

2. New Year Wishes Cushion

New Year Wishes Cushion

A charming way bring liveliness to your friend’s home is to gift New Year wishes cushion. It will also give the celebrations a fun frolic touch.

3. Personalized Calendars

Personalized Calendars

A gift of a personalized calendar filled with beautiful memories from the past year with your friend and family is a unique way to gift your loved ones. It will be kept even after the year passes.

4. Delicious Wishes Gift Tray

Delicious Wishes Gift Tray

Nothing appeals a food lover friend than the smell of roasted nuts, sweetness of dried fruits and of course the sprinkling of chocolate surprises. Believe me, your gift will be the most remarkable for your friend out of all.

5. Good Luck Bamboo Plant

Bamboo Plant

Appealing, elegant and easy to grow, this two layered lucky bamboo plant is a perfect gift for your home and office as well. This lucky bamboo plant is a traditional symbol of happiness, wealth and health and is believed to bring soul energy in the ambiance, thereby balancing five natural elements.

6. Carved Serving Board

Carved Serving Board

Gift a proper work of art to the friends who loves to show off their culinary creations in style. The carved serving board will add a perfect backdrop for baked bread and desserts.

7. Exclusively Designed Lather Bags and Wallets

Stylish Lather Bags

Gift your loved ones such that they are forced to carry your gift with them in day to day life. The exclusively designed funky lather bags and wallets are perfect for this.

8. Jewelry Stand

Jewelry Stand

Every woman has lots of jewelry (though there’s always a thirst to acquire more) from chunky junk to sophisticated silver. And the truth is they always buy more and more, not thinking about the way to maintain it. A jewelry stand is the best item to gift to maintain and flaunting jewelry in style. It definitely will make her feel special. 

9. Tie and Cufflinks

Tie and Cufflinks

It will be unjust to share a jewelry stand idea and not sharing a dedicated men’s gift. Gift tie and cufflinks and force him to carry your gift even in the office. It s a pocket friendly option and will serve him too.

10.Gifting a Membership


An only one of its kind idea to wish your friends New Year is to get them membership in Gym or in a Club like Nature Club, Culinary Club, Trekking or Mountaineering Club. It will keep them happily occupied but you will have to beware of your friend’s interest before picking up membership.

11. Business Card Case

Business Card Case

For your colleague and clients, an innovative business card case is a perfect gifting idea to express your corporate client relationship in a better way.

Besides all the gifting ideas, the gifts of Time and Love are surely the basic ingredients of true Happiness.
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