World’s Strongest Coffee for Coffee Fanatics

For those who say “I am a coffee fanatic”, there is good news. A South African blend promoted as “Black Insomnia” is declared as the world’s strongest coffee.

Mary Sweeney, a researcher of caffeine effects at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine said, “You will get double the amount of caffeine in Black Insomnia for the same quantity of coffee. But its effects can range from mild to severe like edginess, anxiety, agitation and restless sleep and cardiac arrhythmia which is irregular heartbeat as the most serious effect.”

Sean Kristafor, Black Insomnia founder, harvested only Robusta beans, rather than the tamer Arabica variety and roasted the beans in the top coffee roaster to get this strongest effect.

Only healthy adults should go to “Black Insomnia” because Caffeine informer records 351mg of caffeine in a 6-ounce cup of Black Insomnia while a cardiologist, Dr. Sharonne N. Hayes at the Mayo Clinic, suggests the maximum 400mg /day for healthy adults. That’s truly fudging. A normal cup packs a relatively paltry 70mg. Caffeine informer compared the caffeine level in “Black Insomnia” with other products.

Ted Kallmyer, the editor of Caffeine Informer, said “this much amount if caffeine cannot affect healthy adults but the problem is that these products can involuntarily be used by people who are not in the besieged category."

By the last June, this coffee was being sold locally to Cape Town, South Africa cafes. By October, it had customers in 22 countries. And by March, it was listed on Amazon in United States and the beans were on sale last Friday. Now, the company sells five to six tons of coffee a month. It seems that the demand will grow on in future.

“Black Insomnia” is really a hot competition for other strongest coffee titles.

If you go for “Black Insomnia” you can’t go back. You cannot go back.
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