Getting the Most out of Your Vehicle

If you have a vehicle, you can process the scenes as quickly as possible. 

But you will have to do a little for your vehicle to make it changing the scenes quickly for you, I mean to say to get the most out of it. All of us want this little metal shell, our vehicle, to last longer with new and beautiful looks with the best performance. This can only be done if you take good care of your vehicle.

With the passage of time, the concept of miles coverage for vehicles is expanding quickly. Because “every new car is built to last a quarter of a million miles”, said by Mike Calkins, manager of technical services at AAA, “but alongwith that capability, you need to pay more attention to maintenance.”

This maintenance is the key to get most out of your vehicle. You have to know what makes your car last longer with good efficiency and we are here to help you.

1. Try to foresee the road


Predicting the road ahead and avoiding the potholes as much as possible can help your vehicle last elongated. This approach helps you drive smoothly. Ignoring the dents on the road, even if you have plenty of space to move around, damages the tires and suspension system and the steering system as well. Avoid potholes as much as you can or at least slow down you vehicle while crossing them. Avoiding tough acceleration can help your vehicle last longer. Otherwise it will be liable to loose different things in your vehicle, resulting in rattles.

2. Keep it clean

Keep Your Car Clean

One of the most outstanding ways to get most out of your vehicle is to keep is clean and corrosion free. Washing your car especially in winters is very important because of the salt on road, spread to keep the road free from ice, the metals parts of your vehicle are affected the most. During the summer season, the vehicle gets many bird poops which are corrosive to paint because they are actually calcium. But is does not mean to wash it too often, just make sure to wash it once in a while.

3. Use fuel injector cleaners

Fuel Injector Cleaning

When the fuel burns in the engine, non-combustible byproducts such as carbon are produced, because of the ethanol used in fuel. This carbon upsurges your car's fuel injector. It causes leak in the fuel injector because the carbon blocks the injector making it stick and hard to open and close. Use of the best fuel injector cleaners results in good performance of your vehicle.

4. Don’t over burden your vehicle

Don’t over burden your vehicle

Although the vehicle is meant for carrying weight, but overloading reduces the performance of your vehicle to a large extent because more weight translates in terms of more burdens on the engine, brakes and suspension system. So drive with the crucial load in your vehicle. It also saves the fuel. Don’t even completely fill the oil tank, instead fill it more often.

5. Take care of the engine


The heart of the vehicle is its engine. So a keeping the engine robust means keeping your vehicle strong and efficient.

Check the coolant level of the engine regularly and change the oil and filter to keep it working smoothly usually after every six to seven months. Check for the air filter for any debris and dust collected. Replace it if needed for a robust engine performance.

The old cables and worn out spark plugs make it hard to get the engine fired up and solenoid to put extra effort leading probably to backfire cylinders. Check for them.

6. Check the wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment

When you think you are driving smoothly (if really) and supposing the vehicle to move in a straight line but it is moving towards right or left, it means it needs to check for wheel alignment. After many drives on bumpy roads and crossing of cracks, the wheels lose alignment. Take it serious because failure of getting the wheels aligned for a long time can result in wear on your tires.

7. Take care while reversing and steering

Steering your Vehicle

Many of us have a bad habit of reversing the vehicle before it can stop. Changing the gear to Reverse in rush before full stop results in early failure. Wait for full stop before shifting to Park as well.

Steer your vehicle when it is in movement. Turning the wheels, while the vehicle is still, puts extra pressure on the steering system causing it to fail early. Because steering with still vehicle means forcing to move them with the entire mass of the vehicle.

Replacing the old vehicle with the newer one does not mean it will last longer until you change your habits of driving and do extra effort in taking care of your vehicle. Because if the carefree possession remains the same, the new vehicle gets older very soon.

Believe me it is easy to take care of your vehicle to get the most out of it is economical than buying the new one. 
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