Ways to Spruce Up your Home

Ways to Spruce Up your Home

A house is made up of bricks, a home is made up of Love and Dreams.

We all love our house and have some dreams to make it look like paradise. Thus a house when smarten up according to our dreams, becomes a home.

Titivating your home does not mean spending millions of dollars, but the key is to add the things you like in an intellectual and smart way to give a tidy look. And if you are smart, then the stuff you buy for your home will give a true reflection of you regardless of the price.

Either you are giving your home a new look for yourself, for your family or for trading purpose, here are some ways to help you spruce up your home that also meet the expense of redecorating. 

1. A welcoming garden


We all believe in the first look. And if you have a front garden, it is very easy to give a welcoming heaven look to your home, starting spruce up from here. Decorating the garden gives the most exceptional results if you are going to sale out your home. A research shows that two-thirds of people accept as true the garden a choosing factor for buying a home.

Use typical potted trees to give a wonderful fist look to your garden.

Hide the imperfections on the walls by planting quick growing evergreen climbers. You can also give a soft look to the bin by planting some quick growing evergreen climbers around it.

Give a soft look to the concrete steps in your garden by lining them by plants.

BUT don’t leave the garden assuming that it doesn’t need any care. Gardens require full interest to give a pleasant look to your home. If you have a spruce up garden full of the plants you love, it will not remain as it is now, if you start ignoring it. Because your loving plants can easily by attacked by the unwelcoming weeds giving it a rough look. So, don’t forget to take care of your garden. But there is nothing to worry about. Use weed killers to keep an orderly, enchanting look in your front garden. There are many best weed killers available.

2. Adding some colors

Adding absorbing colors is also very important to spruce up a home. There are many straight forward ways to do so. The walls, the furniture, the rugs, the hangings, the curtains everything adds colors to your home. Simply start from any item of the room, like the rug, the cushion or the curtain, and start playing with the variety of colors. Select the dominating color of any of the items, and paint the walls with the same color. The rugs, curtains, pillow covers and the cushions should match in some artistic way. (Do not select the faint plain colors). Then season the room with wall hangings.

3. Update your kitchen

Updated Kitchen

Add some red color to the white kitchen. It inspires the craving. Show off your dishes in well manners. Spare some space, if you can, to give a spacious look to your kitchn. Create a visual connection by putting the pairs in black frame like the pair of decorative plates, a set of storage baskets or even a grouping of photos.

4. Modernize your bathroom

Modernize Bathroom

Spend some money on your bathroom. Use such lights which make it look larger. Use plants to spruce up the bathroom especially in front of the mirror. Place the towels by rolling instead of folding in the shelves. Use a the wall paper of bold colors if the paint is light or a bold piece of art can also be added.

3. Fixing and repairing

Fixing and repairing add smart look in your home. If you get your kitchen and bathroom modernized with aesthetic effects and colors, but the taps are leaking, it will neutralize the affect of the decoration. Sometimes just repairing the old elements spruce up your home. So keep an eye on repairing and fixing parts of your home.

5. Some other tips

Hide the WiFi routers. Add personality to your table. You can set cards or pictures underneath. Line the backs of bookshelves with some suitable wallpaper. Add some cozy effects to the ceiling. Give the door a striking color (especially to the main entrance door). It will give a newer look to your home. Don’t forget to change the doormat.

Styling your home is all about knowing your target and your life style. Depending on the architectural style, there may be different approaches. But one thing is true that….

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. So spruce up it, as you love and dream.
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