Touch Screen Tech in Mouse

Touch Screen Tech in Mouse
The world of gadget is getting out of the slavery of buttons. New innovations are completely based on touch system. After having many gadgets with the Touch Tech, now the concept of touch screen based mouse is also presented for the users just because they found the mice styling outdated although they have attached touch pads to their PC`s and Laptops. The reason of demanding mouse is the comfort in working for the PC and Laptop users.
The new touch screen tech based mouse is one of the Microsoft`s hardware, whereas the rumors about this hardware were so common throughout these summers.
“This is not the first time that the mouse has been threatened- look at 10 years ago when people started buying laptops that had integrated pointers and the touch pads. Still, the mouse category continued to grow and grow,” said Brett Ostrum, general manager for the Hardware group at Microsoft. “The reason people need external mice will not change: comfort and precision. The Arc tech mouse just demonstrates again how committed Microsoft is to continuing to bring great new mice to customers.”
According to the survey the people who buy the Netbooks and Notebooks, also demand for the mouse to buy. The old mouse is bigger in size and need cables to work with them, and also need a smooth surface to work with. The touch tech based mouse is specially designed by keeping the nobility of the Netbooks and Notebooks by adding up feature of working on the variety of surface and can be folded to put in the pocket easily.

Few Convicts about the Touch Screen Mouse are:

It is expensive
The scroll tabs occasionally do not response.
There are no thumb-side forward-and-back buttons.

Few Authorities about the Touch Screen Mouse are:

Different alterable design is very easy for user to pack it for travel. It is easily convertible to a 15 millimeters thick device.
Touch-Sensitive scroll tab with vibration response and speeded scrolling features.
The Blue-track-sensor lets you to use the mouse on the number of surfaces.
Small USB receiver that stays out of the way when plugged in.
Two AAA batteries provide the mouse more than six months battery.

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