Some Most Unexpected Inventions

The most unexpected invention is the funny and odd one. I didn’t believe before going through some of the unexpected inventions. Now I agree. But besides this joke, the unexpected inventions are positive for our daily life problems. There are hardly any minds who fix the problem in their own way which might be strange and ridiculous. But we should appreciate those ideas and minds and in some cases the users of those inventions (because of using these weird offence).

If you don’t believe what I said, go through this article.

1. Anti theft lunch bags

There is no chance that your lunch will be stolen now. These anti theft bags make the lunch undesirable.

2. Portable toilet paper dispenser

It looks weird but for the persons who have severe allergies, this portable paper dispenser is fine.

3. Beauty micrometer

Beauty has always been the focus in every era. It led to the strange inventions like this beauty micrometer. Invented in 1933, it let the user know where to put on makeup. It measures the contours of face and said to have the accuracy of thousandth-of an inch. It makes face contour to change accurately but I will never go with option. Will you?

4. Duck billed muzzle

This duck billed muzzle made walking in park with your dog safe. It refrains the dog from biting.

5. Baby mop

Now there is no need for the mothers to mop the floors. Their babies will light their trouble by wearing this suit and just crawling every corner of the home. Isn’t it killing two birds with one stone?

6. Hand chopper

Stop cutting your fingers by using this hand chopper. It may look odd but it is helpful. I would like to have it in my kitchen. 

7. Napkin pants

For the people who are too lazy to use napkin for wet hands, this is good one. 

8. Animated piggy bank

Though it swallows your coins but it saves your money. 

9. Noodles fan

If you are too impatient to wait for the noodles to cool, bring it your home. 

10. Photo revolver

The invention from 1938, photo revolver is the weirdest of all the inventions. It took a photo every time it was fired. Probably the inventor had the idea to save the memory of the collapsed just before he was about to give up the ghost. Whatever the idea was behind this invention, it is not only the most unexpected, but also the ridiculous one.
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