Heroes with Paws Do Exist; 10 Pet Heroes Stories

Pets are not only our friends, who play with us, relive us from stress and make moments pleasing but sometimes they are also our heroes who can save our lives in accidental cases. Sometimes they are the only hope. After reading these 10 stories of pet heroes, you will definitely see your relationship with your pet in an entire new perspective. I am sure these stories of animal heroism will fill your heart with affection and warmth.

1. Tara

Tara, a female cat who saved her owners' child from being attacked by a neighbor's dog. A four year old boy, Jeremy Triantafilo, was riding his bicycle in his family's driveway in California when a neighbor’s dog ferociously attacked him on his leg in 2014. When Tara saw the dog attacking his owner’s son, she ran and counteracted the dog and made him run away even though she was just half in size than the dog. Tara won 4 awards including Hero Award, Special Award for Cat Achievement, Blue Tiger Award, “Hero Dog" award and one year food for cats because of her valor.

2. Haus

The two year old dog, Haus, saved the life of his owner’s daughter, Molly from being bitten by a rattlesnake in 2016. The dog kept himself between the 7 years old girl and the snake. Although he had the entire opportunity to run but he didn’t and paid a cost for his bravery. He jumped back and forward three times. He also got three bite marks on his legs when he was brought to a veteran.

3. Dory

Dory, a pet rabbit, saved the life of his owner, Simon Steggall, when he began to slump into a diabetic coma. Steggall’s wife thought that he was taking rest after being tired in his work but Dory started jumping on the chest of his 42 years old owner when she noticed the danger. Hence the Rabbit saved his owner because his wife would have never noticed the danger. The rabbit was given the first ever honorary animal membership in the Rabbit Welfare Association.

4. Rocky

A heart patient Floyd and his dog Rocky went for hiking in a remote valley in California one day. While hiking, Floyd felt heart problem and got unconscious several times. Each time Rocky helped his owner by licking his hand until Floyd woke up. The dog not only made his owner to awake but also helped him by guiding him back to the car. Thus leading his owner back to safety, Rocky rescued Floyd.

5. Katrina

During the Hurricane Katrina, a black Labrador saw a man in trouble. She immediately went to the man, grabbed him and successfully brought him to safer ground. As the water was deep, she kept the man calmly until the rescues team arrived and saved her and the man. For putting her life into danger to save a man from drowning, Katrina was privileged with a Genesis Award and received a standing ovation during the presentation.

6. Winnie

Winnie, the cat of Kathy Keesling proved to be a lifesaver for the whole family. One day, the family ate dinner and went for bed. No one noticed that the carbon monoxide gas pump began to leak except the cat. While everyone was in deep sleep, the cat started to shriek. Upon hearing the screams of the cat in a way that the family had not heard before, they woke up. Keesling called the rescue team before anyone was seriously hurt.

7. Khan

Another story of a dog that saved his owner’s a baby from snake bite by putting his life into danger. An Australian 17 month old baby girl Charlotte, was playing in backyard where the king brown snake reached the baby. When the Khan saw the snake, he grabbed the baby from her diaper and dragged her away from the snake which was one of the most venomous on the continent very quickly. The heroic act of the dog that was adopted just four days before the incident proved that the protective instincts don’t need fine years to build up.

8. Willie

A Red Cross’s Animal Life Saver Award winner parrot, Willie, screamed “baby, mamma, baby, mamma” when the daughter of her owner feel down the high chair while eating in 2009. The mother was in bathroom when her 2 years old Hannah Kuusk was eating meal with the parrot. As soon as the baby fell down the parrot stared screaming and flapping his wings. The mother rushed out of the bathroom and found her baby blue in the face. She was taken to hospital where she was doctors examined and healed the toddler but the real lifesaver is Willie.

9. Penny

Having the guts and good swimming skills, Penny became a hero after saving a woman from a flowing river. When the dog found a woman fighting with a torrent, she just jumped into the river a succeeded to pull her but by the time the ambulance was already on its way.

Next time when you train your pet, don’t think that it is merely a pet, it can be a survival for you or someone else when there will be no hope.

10. Kilo

The most heroic story out of all the lifesaving stories narrated in the article is the story of Kilo, the pit bull of Becker, who took bullet for his owner. One day, a robber broke into the house of the dog’s owner and gunpoint struggle started between the owner and the robber. The 12 years dog intruded to save his owner but got hit by the bullet on his forehead. Fortunately, the hero survived because the bullet didn’t pierce through the skull.

Sometimes the men become more brutal than the animals which are notorious for taking lives.
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