Why is it Important to keep Markers away from Children?

Children love to sketch and paint even they are not able to hold pencils and markers. And they start drawing on the nearest possible thing or Body, even if you give them lots of papers. The following pictures absolutely portray the love of children for drawing. After having a glance on these pictures, you will think twice before leaving your child alone with Markers.

It’s better to open a PAINT Page in laptop instead of having your laptop sketched by your little artist.

This dad certainly missed his international trip and came back home.

I knew my sibling will not mind when I will show my artistic skills.

What if the marker is permanent?

Who is drawing more skillfully?

I was just trying to make the plain colored walls attractive.

This guy is not feeling sorry for what he has done.

Kids can easily ruin your living room.

Just trying to make you laugh.

I lost the cap of my marker. How should I cover the nib?
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