Travelling with Computer Gear

There was a time, years back, when someone had to travel, he/she used to pack certain items including clothes, sleeping bags and other accessories like that.  But now some of the electronic equipment have become our right arm and we cannot imagine living without them even a single minute like mobiles and computers. The reason may be the facilities which these tools provide us in communication or completing our important tasks, but there is a reason you may or may not agree with that we have become habitual of living with these equipment.

But no matter what the reason is, we have to take this equipment with us anywhere we go. Mobile phones are smart enough that we can easily put them in our pockets while traveling but the problem comes when we have to pack all the accessories related to our computers like mouse, keyboard, CPU, monitor, speaker and the camera as well. It requires lots of care to take these items with us while traveling because there may be lots of misfortunes wafting for our computer gear to prey.
Either the laptop or the desktop computer, it poses some troubles because it can be easily smashed up or stolen. Like there may be a jumpy road on the way and a little rattling can bring down the RAM or any cable may come to loose.

But don’t worry. There are some guidelines for you to travel safely with your computer gear.  

1. Protect your Gear from Damage
The most risky problem with your computer gear may be the damage while traveling because it is very fragile equipment. Either you are traveling by air or by road, even in your own auto, you have to make sure that your gear is properly packed in water resistant, padded bag with inner compartments having lock-in strap. This type of bags can hold lots of things in a well mannered way. The inner compartments of such bags can let you get the things easily. The padded surface can resist enough for any pressure.   

A thin foamy sheet can also be used to pack your gear before placing it in the bag if you are going for a long way journey. But remember to pack it like a company does.

2. Disassembling may Protect Amazingly
If you are much familiar with computer assembling and disassembling, this is the best way to protect your gear against any type of damage. Dismounting hard drive, RAM, fan, motherboard and then packing them in anti static bags may be exhausting but it not only guards against any damage but it may be fun for you to assemble all the peripherals.

3. Theft and Loss
You may protect against any accidental damage to your computer gear your best but theft and loss are the issues you can’t cope with by wrapping it professionally. There are always some people around us with a bad intention of theft and this is very common in expedition. Keep computers in your sight and near at hand. Computer locks are also available now to help you protect it. It is a cable that attaches the computer to something immovable. It may not be a perfect way to protect the computer but this lock makes it hard to be a target.

4. Backup the Data
You protected your computer gear for traveling but it was a misfortune day for you and your gear got damaged somehow. I swear you can tolerate this physical loss but not the data loss. This is the worst time when you lose your important data. Your all important data should not be only in your computer. Backup the data in another hard disk or to a cloud service, so that you can retrieve it. 

5. Take Universal Adapters with You
Invest in the universal adapters for your computer gear. We think it the most trivial item but believe me, this is the most annoying thing that you have the power supply but you cannot plug into the mains. One of the most helpless moments…...
If you are carrying a laptop, make sure before leaving the home that it is charged fully. You can also take a spare charged battery with you.

6. Take Storage Items with You
Get a USB or CDs with you so that you can back up the data you process during your journey. Make a list of passwords of your email and social media apps.
Protect what you love and we all love our computer gear….
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