20 Astonishing Consumptions of Table Salt

A MUST season for food, the salt is not just an important ingredient for our health but also has some other good uses. This omnipresent ingredient is available in a variety of forms and particle sizes. Just a pinch of it works in your food plate and around your house. Read the article for using salt as a cheap and guaranteed solution for your daily life problems.
  1. Removes grease on iron pans.
  2. Removes stains. Like coffee and tea stains on pots, sweet and blood stains from fabrics. To remove sweet stains, soak the clothes in some hot salt water and for blood stains soak in cold salt water and wash.
  3. A pinch of salt can keep milk fresh for longer.
  4. Soak fish in salt water to remove scales easily.
  5. Sprinkle some salt to prevent ants from entering your house.
  6. Salt is good to kill bedbugs.
  7. Mix salt with baking soda and water to rub the scum formed on the glass doors.
  8. Pour handful of salt on the tart in your oven. It prevents pie from burning and smelling and makes it easy to clean.
  9. Relieves bee and mosquito bites. Wet the affected area and cover the bite with salt.
  10. Add some salt when boiling eggs. The eggs will be neatly and easily peeled out.
  11. Wash your toothbrush with salt to keep it clean and germ free.
  12. Cover the ink spot on your carpet with salt and let it soak the mark.
  13. Soak the candles in salt water to prolong the life of candles.
  14. Sprinkle some salt on your shoes daily to prevent odor.
  15. Brushing with salt and baking soda cleans teeth.
  16. Gurgling with salt water soothes sour throat.
  17. Keep a piece of salt rock in fire for 10 minutes. Soak the piece in a glass of water (just for 2, 3 seconds) and drink it. This is an assured way to cure cough.
  18. Rub the window panes with salt water and they won’t be frozen even in minus degrees temperature.
  19. Washing or flowing hot salt water in drain holes neutralizes odors.
  20. Salt is good for melting ice and snow.
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