How to Protect your Vegetables by Planting Fighting Flowers

How to Protect your Vegetables by Planting Fighting Flowers

Growing vegetables is one of the most known hobbies and many people have a small vegetable garden in their homes. And many people, like me, are mesmerized by the beautiful color, fragrance, and the feelings of cooking the vegetables grown by their own yearn for having a small vegetable garden in their home. For them, it sounds very good and attractive to listen that someone takes care of his vegetable garden by his own but having a garden in your home means lot of chores. You have to water the plants, clean the garden, take care of the plants from bad bugs, (the most hectic of all), and even the two day absence from this task may harm the plants.

Though there are many ways to keep your plants safe but there are some plants which can help you in saving your vegetable plants from bad bugs hits. Implanting certain herbs and flowers is beneficial for the garden. These flowers can help you in the way to attract good bugs like ladybugs and praying mantises, which attack the bad bugs causing damage in your vegetable garden. Here are some of those flowers which can help you in protecting your vegetable plants even if your garden is in Asia or Europe. Because the good bugs know where to come.

1. Borage

Also known as starflower, Borage is an effective herb used to fight against the tomato hornworms and cabbage worms. It is also used in salads having cucumber like taste. It is now cultivated to extract oil from its seeds.

2. Anise Hyssop

The tiny leaves and blue colored flowers of anise hyssop smell of anise repel. It is affective in repelling Cabbage Moths. Bees also love it’s flowers.

3. Pot Marigolds

Another edible flower, the Pot Marigolds, helps in repelling asparagus beetle in your vegetable garden. They are also used to make oil that protects the skin.

4. Rosemary

To repel the bean beetles and carrot fly from your garden, plant rosemary. It is a low growing plant so covers the ground and guards for any ground beetles.

5. Catmint

To repel the flea beetles, aphids, colorado potato beetles and squash bugs, Catmint is very helpful in your garden. It contains nepetalactone which is an insect repellent. It is also called Nepeta.

6. Lavender

Form the mint family, the aroma of Lavender flower is an excellent general pest repellent. Use it in the garden to repel fleas and moths. It is also thought to repel mice.

7. Basil

To repel flies and mosquitoes from your garden, Basil is the best to plant near tomatoes. It is also called the "king of herbs" and the "royal herb".

8. Horseradish

It is root plant should be grown near potato, to repel potato bugs. It has also been used in medical field for years.

9. Sage

Sage repels cabbage moths and carrot rust flies. It should be planted with perennial vegetables and should be avoided to plant near cucumbers.

10. Nasturtiums

Used as a trap for bad bugs, nasturtiums is the best. The bugs come together on this trap plant and are thrown away. It can fight against aphids, whiteflies, squash bugs, and cucumber beetles.

11. Chrysanthemums

Native to Asia, Chrysanthemums repels ants, the Japanese beetle, root nematodes.

12. Artemisia

Having strong aromas and bitter tastes, Artemisia repels cabbage looper, cabbage maggot, carrot fly, codling moth, flea beetles, whiteflies, the cabbage white, and the small white, as well as mice from your vegetable garden.

13. Petunia

Plant Petunia near Beans, squash and potatoes. It repels aphids, tomato hornworm, asparagus beetles, squash bugs, bean pests, Mexican bean beetles, potato bugs and leaf hoppers.

14. Weed Killers

With the advancement in agriculture field, there are many sprays and products which can save the plants from being attacked by the caterpillars, beetles, flies and may other bad bugs.

Besides the bad bugs and pests in your vegetable garden, there are always some weeds hidden between your plants decreasing their glory which cannot be ignored. Weed killers chemical substances used to control unwanted plants. Use some best weed killers that are very effective in controlling specific type of weeds to stop growing in your garden.
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