How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

Whenever you save water and power, you are definitely saving money down the road.

Water is the most important element on earth. Talking about drinking water or using it for bathing and cleaning the dishes and clothes, we surely use tons of gallons a week. If there is no water, there is no life. So saving water is not far from saving life. But in addition to this, saving water means also saving your dollars you pay in form of bills. If you have your own well, saving water will result in saving money on the electricity to operate the pump system and if you are on city water line, of course saving water will result in reduced bill.

Luckily, reducing water consumption does not need any rocking science. There are lots of options once you decide to reduce you water consumption. I entitled it a decision to reduce water consumption because it’s all in your hands if you change your habits.

Just follow the simple tricks consistently to reduce the load on your wallet by saving money on your water bills.

1. Don’t waste water in bathroom

When cutting down the water consumption comes in to mind, the first tip is not to waste water superfluously in bathroom. Use less water in bathing; turn the shower off when soaping and turn it back to rinse off. Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth, soap your hands and shave. While shaving don’t rinse off the razor by turning the tap in full pressure. As an alternative use a cup full of hot water and dip the razor every time to clean it.

Use low pressure flush and try not to flush it every time after use (if possible). There are some other ways people use extra water in flushing, like some people flush the toilet before cleaning it with the brush, even it was flushed after using it and no one has used it before cleaning.

2. Fix the leaks

Leaking taps are additional sources of water wastage. (It is not only the source of water outflow but a constant source of irritation, for me at least, especially when it falls on a steel sink). Fix the leaks to save water. Check your toilets for leaks. The easiest way to check toilet leaks is to throw some color in the toilet tank. If the colored water trickles down into the toilet then it is leaking. Fix it to save lots of sneaky gallons to waste.

3. Install Tankless Water Heaters

Another important source of saving water is to install tankless water heaters in your house. The best tankless water heaters provide continuous flow of hot water on demand and do not retain water inside them.

They are very useful water heaters in terms of saving water because the users do not have to wait for hot water to run, even in the remote. As soon as the tap is turned on, hot water starts to flow. 

4. Don’t waste water in kitchen

Kitchen is another place to waste water profusely. Either it’s related to washing dishes, vegetables or meat or even cleaning the kitchen, water is used extravagantly. Try to save dishes by reusing. Don’t defrost frozen foods with running water. Limit the number of utensils in cooking.

Don’t wash dishes by hand; instead let the dishwashers serve you. But use it only when it is full.  

5. Reuse water

Besides the specific tricks to save water in the bathroom, kitchen and leaking taps, there are some other common ways to save water.

When washing vegetables, put a bowl in the sink to collect the water. Then use this water to irrigate the plants in your garden. You may also throw this water in sink holes with pressure, so that if there is any blockage or some garbage is going to be block the holes, is drained. Use the water that comes out of the taps when you wait for the hot water to flow and the unused drinking water for the same purpose.

6. Save water in laundry

Wear your outfits more than once. Wash clothes only when they are dirty and if necessary, never hand wash the clothes if you want to save water. Use washers to wash and wait for it to fill with dirty clothes.

7. Install a valve Aerator

Putting in the aerator in taps reduces water pressure. Install aerator all over the places in your house especially where the water is consumed the most like in the bathroom and kitchen.

8. Some other ways to save water

Don’t let your children play with water. Take your car for car wash or use rainwater for washing your car. You can move your car out of the garage when it is raining lightly. Less water is consumed when you water your plants in evening or in morning. Try to mop the floor instead of washing it daily. Use brooms for washing the floor. It also saves lots of gallons of water.

Water is one of the precious resources. Don’t take it for granted. Take a part in saving water. It will automatically save your money on water bills.
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